Option #1:  Be The Authority

Option #2:  Haines Communications Imprint Service

Haines Communications

If you are not interested in receiving royalty payments and plan to order less than 100 books, we offer a lower cost book writing and publishing option through our Haines Communications Imprint Service.  This is accomplished by having Haines Communications be the publisher and retaining the royalties from sales of your book.  If you anticipate needing fewer than 100 copies of your paperback or intend to primarily provide an e-book version of your book, one of the following packages may be the right option for you.

All Haines Communications Imprint packages have the same book writing and publishing service as the full-service Haines Communications package, the differences being that the books published with our imprint service:

  1. Carry the Haines Communications imprint as publisher
  2. Do not earn royalties for the author
  3. Have a fixed retail price of $15.99 for paperback books and $3.99 for e-books (except for package #3)

Package Cost

Package #1, basic: $995.00

With this package you purchase copies of your books at full price from online retailers.  This is the best option if you will only need a few copies of your book and intend to direct people to sites where they may purchase your book themselves.

Package #2, wholesale: $1,295.00

Same as package #1, but can also purchase your books for $7.99, a 50% discount from retail.  To do so you request a temporary price reduction for 2 days during which time you may order as many books as you wish at the wholesale price.

Package #3, wholesale plus free e-books: $1,495.00

Same as package #2, plus your e-books will be listed for free (except for Amazon which will be $0.99).  This is the best option if you would like to provide links to your e-books so people can download them for free.

Become A Published Author

Haines Communications will enable you to become a published author within 45 days without having to experience the headaches of generating a manuscript, going through the learning curve of manuscript formatting into both paperback book and  e-book versions, and then getting them published.  We offer 2 options:

Your Paperback Book

The content for your paperback book will be sourced from a recorded interview with you (which takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours), a questionnaire that we ask you to complete, and any supplemental material such as blogs or articles you have written that you provide us with.

The interview will then be transcribed into a text file and merged with the other information we have obtained into a raw manuscript.

The manuscript will then be organized into chapters. The last chapter will be “About the Author” using material you provided in the questionnaire.

The manuscript is then edited and proofread.

An appropriate trim size is selected and your book is formatted using our templates.

The “Table of Contents” is generated from the formatted book headings.

Cover art is selected which is appropriate for the subject of the book and a cover is designed which will include an image of the author, book description, and a unique ISBN number where you, or your company, are listed as the publisher.

A book proof is generated and submitted to you for review.

After review and acceptance of the proof, your book will be sent to Amazon for print-on-demand publication and will be listed for sale in the Amazon marketplace.  Amazon will also make your book available to bookstores and other online retailers through its Expanded Distribution channel.

A copy of your book will be sent to you.

Depending upon the selling price you designate, you may earn royalties from retail book sales. We suggest a price in the range of $15-$17, but you may charge as little as $3.59 and earn no royalties.  Your royalties will be 60% of the retail price (40% through expanded distribution) minus the printing cost.

You will be able to order copies of your book directly from Amazon at cost, which will be around $2.15 per copy (plus shipping and taxes) for a black ink book with less than 100 pages.

Your e-Book

Using our templates, we convert your manuscript into an e-pub book format.

We then design and create a cover for your e-book.

Your finished e-book is then sent to Draft2Digital for distribution through their partner stores, which currently include:

Barnes & Noble

As with your physical book, depending upon the retail price you select for your e-book you may earn royalties here also. You also have the option to have your ebook listed for free (except for Amazon which requires a minimum price of 99 cents).

Project Cost

Our job is to turn you into a published author and ends with the publication of your book. You will own all the rights to your book.  The total cost for this service is $2,995.00.